Farriery is an ancient and noble trade. It's roots are in the exterior observation of a horses's feet. Veterinary science is much younger, and it's roots are in the medical sciences focusing on what's within. Over the last few decades, the art and trade of farriery has embraced the need to understand "what goes on inside", as much as the veterinary sciences have embraced the need to understand "what goes on outside". Big steps in indeed.

However, each are focused on what amounts to only 2 legs of the development triangle - with no measurable, or indeed tangible connection between these two approaches. It's like two people communicating in a language they both know very little. The third, and unifying leg of this triangle, is Bio-mechanical Progression. Which, for our purposes, is the unifying and measurable component of the changing path that a foal's development follows as both a biological and a mechanical entity.



The ideal time to start thinking about your foal's conformation is before birth. Arrangements can be made in advance to ensure that an assessment is performed at the first possible opportunity. Book a free 30 minute consultation ensure service availability when your new foal arrives.