Correcting Foal Conformation Non Surgically

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  • Around 3 years ago our donkey was desperately in need of trimming to the point that I was concerned that she would have permanent damage as we were having problems replacing our farrier. Brian is reliable and very professional in his work and within 4 or 5 trimmings had our donkey's hooves back to normal. Brian is reliable and very professional in his work. Thanks Brian.
    - Glen Duff
  • Brian has worked with my 2 minis horses and 2 mini donkeys for over 2 years... My boys all love him and wait patiently for their trims. Most boys are all rescues who were very shy and nervous with previous farriers... But Brian's calm and gentle mannerism has won them over!
    - Jacqueline Flowers
  • Brian is a very caring Farrier! He is prompt, reliable and very informative. He has worked hard on one of our mini horses of whom had a bad case of laminitis. She is now walking a lot better and is definitely a lot more comfortable. Brian informed us every step of the way, as he was dedicated to getting her better. He knows each personality our three mini horses and one mini donkey and always has a nice compliment for each one of them! We are very happy to have Brian as our Farrier!!!
    - Ingrid Drexler
  • Brian has worked with my 3 minis and 1 donkey for about 2 years now. I can highly recommend Brian, he is very reliable plus sincerely kind and gentle with my minis and donkey. The animals quickly learn to trust him. Brian has done an amazing job with Dash’s crooked (deformed) front legs, regular corrective trimming makes it almost impossible to notice, I am very grateful for all the time Brian put into this cute little guy.
    - Ilse Neumann
  • This was our first experience with Brian. He's been one of the most professional farriers that I've encountered! He was honest and fair in his prices and he worked very well with our 8.5 year old gelding. I would have no hesitation recommending him to any horse owner! Overall a great experience.
    - Jaden Riley
  • Brian has been working with our horse and mini- donkeys. Ages from 7 months old to 15 yrs. He has a great ability to gain their trust in him. Brian is highly skilled and knowledgable. He evaluates and explains each animal needs as they are all different. Patience, kindness, true love of animals! Thank you Brian.
    - Karen Ludzik


Contact Us

If you'd like an assessment of your foal's potential leg development trajectory, then the first step is to get in touch. Whether you think there is a potential issue or not, this is an opportunity to put your mind to rest.


We need to understand your particular foal's physical state, that of the broodmare, and their environment. As well as any concerns you may have. The call will take about 30 minutes. There is no charge for the consultation.

Remote Assessment

You will be guided to provide the required information, so we can make a proper photographic and video-graphic assessment of your foal's current conformation, and possible development trajectory. This forms the basis of our recommendations.


Although there are fundamental similarities in the conditions of the foal's maturing process, each situation is also inherently different. Recommendations, if deemed required, are made based on our assessment.

Corrective Process

If we do recommend corrective measures to either remediate progressive deformities, or to simply enhance conformation development, they will be clearly outlined. We are pleased to work with your preferred farrier and/or veterinarian.